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In addition to the outstanding in-house services


Northwestern Supplies offers a full range of design services. From assisting you with style and color selections to entire home interior design, Northwestern Supplies is prepared for the job.

Many of the services include:


  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Screens
  • Mouldings
  • Trim
  • Hardware
  • Interior Design Services



For design inquires contact: Lauren Hofschulte


(970) 846-9468

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Glass Scratch Removal


Now, glass scratch removal and repair has been revolutionized with new technology.


Severe glass scratches and/or damaged glass due to mineral deposits can now be removed with break-through  technology.


Fixing scratches on windows, glass doors, glass furniture, auto glass, and new construction has become clear. Scratched glass damage can now be repaired, distortion free, with the Scratch Hog.


Window washers, glass manufacturers and construction companies can remove unwanted glass scratches. Even acid graffiti is no match for the glass repairing Scratch Hog when used with our new protective graffiti film.

For glass scratch inquires contact:

 Michael Hofschulte


(970) 819-6385

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